Tetsuo Dental Clinic

Concept of Tetsuo Dental Clinic

Concept of Tetsuo Dental Clinic

A greeting from the Tetsuo Dental Clinic in Nakahara-ku director Tetsuo Asayama

Hello, I am the director of “Tetsuo Dental Clinic”, Tetsuo Asayama.
When I decided to open “Tetsuo Dental Clinic”, I was wondering “why are the sterilization procedures of university hospitals not carried out at clinics?”.  Therefore I strived to create a clinic where the sterilization levels of university hospitals are standard.
Furthermore I wanted to, for instance through the introduction of various digital equipment, create a clinic whose concept was to be a “little university hospital”.

I believe that it is not possible to have proper medical care without the patients trust and cooperation.
There are many patients who come for treatment when tooth pain first appears.  Many of these patients say “I want you to fix only the part that hurts”.
However, upon doing an examination, most of the time there are other things that require treatment as well.
With that in mind, we created a counseling room where first-time patients can have a consultation for 15 minutes or so.
In just these 15 minutes, patients can assist in their treatment.

The more proactive patients are about there treatment, the more motivated I am.  I want to bring about the utmost of my power to help you.

Reasons to choose Tetsuo Dental Clinic

Reasons to choose Tetsuo Dental Clinic

Director introduction

I am “Tetsuo Dental Clinic” director Tetsuo Asayama.

Tetsuo Dental Clinic opened in 1997, and from the very start we have used many digital equipment to fulfill our concept of creating a “little university hospital”.  I studied oral surgery at university, and have confidence especially in performing surgeries.  Even now I work as a part-time instructor at the Tsurumi University School of Dental Medicine.  Therefore, for patients who require an operation that requires hospitalization I can introduce you to Tsurumi University School of Dental Medicine Hospital, or even nearby university or general hospitals.  It is even possible for me to do the operation myself if I have that day off.

Director introduction Tetsuo Asayama

My major is oral surgery and am a dentist, but first and foremost I am a medical care provider.  I always believe that I must study fundamental medicine science theory before I can try using new technologies.  By properly studying fundamental medicine I can understand the relationship between periodontal diseases, possible lifestyle diseases, and other diseases as well.

In order to provide long-term care not just for patients' teeth, but their whole body, I created the counseling room at our clinic.  In only 15-30 minutes of counseling, we can understand what kind of treatment the patient desires, what points they are anxious about, and we can understand that patient's personality.  Also, by creating this counseling time, we hope to raise patients' motivation towards their treatment.  Treatment can't be realized without cooperation between patient and doctor.  The more proactive patients are about their treatment, the more I want to bring about the utmost of my power to help you.

Tetsuo Dental Clinic
Tetsuo Asayama (Director, Dentistry PhD)


May 15th, 1964Born in Kawasaki-shi
March 1983Graduate from Toin High School
March 1989Graduate from Tsurumi University School of Dental Medicine
April 1990Enter Tsurumi University Graduate School of Dental Medicine
March 1994Receive PhD (Dentistry) from Tsurumi University Graduate School of Dental Medicine
April 1994Assistant at Tsurumi University School of Dentistry (oral surgery class 2)Training at Yokohama City University Medical Department of Plastic Surgery for 1 year and 2 months
November 1997Open Tetsuo Dental Clinic
Part-time instructor at Tsurumi University School of Dental Medicine (oral surgery class 2)
Hiroko Kobayashi

To protect the health of your mouth it is important to get regular checkups to identify and treat as early as possible things such as cavities and periodontal diseases.

But above and beyond that, taking precautions against getting cavities and periodontal disease is important.

I aim to give easy-to-understand explanations and gentle treatment in accordance with the patient's wishes.  To see you smile, I am always smiling brightly and valuing communication.

Tetsuo Dental Clinic
Hiroko Kobayashi (Bachelor of Dentistry)

Hiroko Kobayashi Hiroko Kobayashi

Greetings from staff

~Quality of Life~
Increasing the health of the patient's body and mind is the job of the “Tetsuo orthodontist”.
We adopt the belief that global standards for alignment of teeth are not to be pushed on to patients, but to be adapted to each patient.
The perfect bite for a given individual is one where you can chew well, have a wonderful smile, and always have a positive state of mind.
From Hygienists
Your personal dental hygienist at Tetsuo Dental Clinic will carry out the treatment and aftercare of cleaning and periodontal diseases. With each patient we will make the oral health of your mouth better suited to each individual.  Furthermore, to maintain a better healthier mouth for each person, we will perform regular maintenance for each individual.
Tetsuo Dental Clinic TEL:044-750-1766 2F, Kamikodanaka, Nakahara-ku Kawasaki-shi, Kanagawa, 211-0053, Japan

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